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Blog Recorder lets you record blog posts with your voice, and it turns that into beautifully formatted articles.

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“It's my favorite way to quickly go from disorganized thoughts into an organized post.”

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds

Software Engineer and Educator

“This is so great! Speak your mind, don't think about form. Just like you would tell something to a friend. Or explain it to a customer. It works.”

Anne Bovelett

Anne Bovelett

Agency Guide for WordPress & Accessibility

“For the first try, I'm blown away. And initially I was skeptical "I don't want an AI to write my thoughts.". But the thing with your tool is, that it's still my thoughts. It just writes it out AND prepares lists, etc. where necessary. Also adds the correct titles, etc.”

Marc Backes

Marc Backes

Team Lead at talkevent Software

“@BlogRecorder actually took me yapping into a mic and made it into a succinct blog. @EddyVinckk is actually cooking with gasoline. Render Recap incoming!”

Dominick J. Monaco

Dominick J. Monaco

Software Engineer

“Just tried @BlogRecorder from @EddyVinckk and was really impressed! Just paid the annual subscription so I can start dictating my blog posts 🔥”

Scott Spence

Scott Spence

Application Team Lead at XtendOps

“During a long drive, I used blog recorder to generate drafts for a series of newsletter articles I’m working on. In addition to being very useful, it’s therapeutic to talk about your idea, then have it outlined into something cohesive.”

Keith Newton, MD

Keith Newton, MD


“It was a fantastic experience. Especially since I didn’t have a specific outline going in. That was winging it and it brought it all together and it makes actual sense! 10/10”

Jason Torres

Jason Torres

Developer Advocate

“I created an article titled "Embracing AI: Enhancing Creativity, Not Replacing Jobs" did a splendid job!”

Santanu DasGupta

Santanu DasGupta

Co-founder Meerkats AI

“Tried it out, works great”

Ivan Burazin

Ivan Burazin

CEO and Co-Founder at Daytona

Creating blog posts has never been easier

Create articles easily, anywhere, and faster.

Get to your first draft faster

Speak your mind

Go from a blank page to your first draft just by talking.

Don't think about form

Disorganized thoughts get turned into an organized post with structure (headings, lists, etc.).

Human touch

Generated drafts are based on your creative thoughts, so it's still you writing the article.

Create amazing articles

Edit with ease

A rich text editor that lets you edit your articles with ease after they are generated. Even on your phone.

Post anywhere

Export your articles as HTML for most blog hosting platforms or export in Markdown format.

Join a community of writers

Share your content

A community of writers where you can share your articles.

Get help and feedback

And a place to ask questions, get help, and share your feedback.

Record your first free article

Discover how easy it is.

Why choose Blog Recorder?

Blog Recorder will help you create. Stop staring at that blank page and start publishing your ideas.

Designed for mobile

Sometimes you just want to get an idea out, but don't have a laptop with you

Create anywhere

Stuck in the car and can't write down an idea you have? No problem.

Save time

Save tons of time by just recording your idea, and then letting AI create your first draft

Powerful editor

Edit your articles with ease after they are generated by AI. Even on your phone.

Export and publish

Easily copy your article's content as HTML, which works for the majority of blogging platforms. Need Markdown? We provide that too.

Join a community of writers

We have a Discord server where you can talk to other Blog Recorder users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blog Recorder?

Blog Recorder is a tool that helps you create blog articles by talking with the help of AI while still having a human touch. This is because all the content is based on your thoughts. After you have recorded an article, you can then edit the first draft created from your voice recording. This is AI-assisted blog authoring that puts you in the driver's seat.

What are the main differences between ChatGPT and Blog Recorder?

The main difference is that ChatGPT will always feel like a chat application. Blog Recorder feels like an app designed for content creators.

ChatGPT is a general purpose application. Blog Recorder is a writing tool that offers a great rich text editor with HTML and Markdown exports, and many other features you need to create your content. With Blog Recorder, you do not need to give text instructions for common actions for every article you write. Most features you need will already be there, or are just a button click away.

Content creation will continue to be the core focus of Blog Recorder, so you can expect continuous improvements to improve your workflow. As a Blog Recorder user, you can provide feedback and request features that would improve your workflow.

What does Blog Recorder cost? (pricing)

After your free 2 articles, you can continue using Blog Recorder for $14 (and get 2 months free if you pay annually).

Does Blog Recorder offer a free trial?

Yes! You can create 2 articles for free so you can try Blog Recorder before subscribing.

Is there a roadmap?

You can find our roadmap at here.